2014-2015: Master with Merit of Fine Art UCA, Canterbury (U.K)

2011-2013: Bachelor with Merit in History of Art University Paris1, Sorbonne, Paris (France)


01/08/2017- 01/12/2017 Artist assistant, Guillermo Bert., Los Angeles

Contemporanea 2017 Artist assistant , Alberto Di, Roma

10/01/2017-01/03/2017 Artist in Residence at ESMoA. Los Angeles

04/02/2017-08/04/2017 Mentor, advanced photography class at Venice Art Center. Los Angeles

03/10/2016-03/12/2016 Photographer assistant. New York City

03/10/2016-03/12/2016 Photographer assistant. R. Kern. New York City

10/05/2016-10/06/2016 Studio assistant, Circus photographic studios. Milan

01/04/2016-01/05/2016 Intern, Ca’ d’Oro Gallery New, New York City

01/08/2015-01/09/2015 Organizer, Summer Art project. Porchlight, Canterbury

01/01/2015-Present Owner and designer, “Come in Blue”brand.

03/03/2014-27/06/2014 Intern, Villa Medici.Villa Medici, French Academy in Rome (Italy)


04/10/2019 - 06/10/2019 "World Hello/Rouge", Romaeuropa Festival,

23/05/2019 - 20/09/2019 "Poesia e Destino,La fortuna Italiana del Werther", Casa di Goethe Museum,

21/05/2018 - 21/06/2018 “She Devil”, Studio Stefania Miscetti,

18/05/2018 - 18/06/2018 Maria Di Stefano “meet me under water”, One Room,

16/04/2018-16/05/2018 Maria Di Stefano “DISTRACTION”, Daforma gallery,

14/02/2018-21/02/2018 Maria Di Stefano “Entertainement”, Una Vetrina MAXXI

30/01/2018-22/02/2018 Now and Forward, Temple Gallery,

01/12/2017-31/12/2017 Pornotismo, Studio Campo Boario,

12/08/2017-03/09/2017 Maria Di Stefano: “No Human Trace”, Avenue 50, Los Angeles,

05/03/2017-21/05/2017 Experience 27: Elsegundissimo, ESMoA (CA)

21/03/2016-28/03/2016 Queer Week, Paris

06/08/2015-Present PHOTOWORKS Prize, FACRAG, Brainerd (U.S.A)

04/08/2015-12/08/2015 Donkey Art Prize, VIOPHILA Gallery, Miami,

14/03/2015-28/03/2015 Creative Challenge,The Ugly Duck, London,


Cafè Babel: "Maria Di Stefano: I capture the cultural contradiction in capitalism":

Exibart: "Maria Di Stefano, Meet me Under Water:

Freeda: "Women Crash: Maria Di Stefano":

Flewid Book vol.2 "Courage Paradise":

GQ Italy:

C-heads Magazine:

Stick and stones agency:

Decibel Magazine:

Aurora Photography:

OSSO Magazine: / Benvenuti nello strano mondo di Maria Di Stefano

Bulletin №62: Maria Di Stefano artiste Italienne



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